Thursday, 10 July 2008

Graham Green

Actually, I want to talk about Paul Hogarth. I stumbled across him looking for pen and ink techniques and bought his book called Creative Ink Drawings. I became so fascinated by his work, that I ended up buying his autobiography, Drawing on Life, and the other books on drawing techniques. He was born in 1917 and died in 2001, getting better and better throughout his life. His books on drawing techniques, though, are quite old and they describe markers as a brand new thing! He used Faber Markettes, which are now unavailable. Other unavailable art supplies include a Faber 702 pencil that looks stunning. You can still find Pierre Noir pencils, so I bought one. They are so soft, you feel like eating them (not advisable). He was the official illustrator for Graham Greene - at last, we got there - which made me want to read him again. I got two of his books from the library and lost them on the bus.


sage said...

I have a couple Green's first editions that I picked up for 50 cent somewhere along the line--but they are both without the dust cover--are you now adding drawing to your many talents?

Ahna Fender said...

Ooh, I'll have to check Green out. Thanks for the tip, Fran. And I definitely know what you mean about feeling tempted to munch your art supplies. Just bought a box of Sennelier oil pastels. Their creamy texture is reminiscent of rainbow sherbert, but I don't think they'd taste quite as good... Cheers! Ahna

SeaWyf said...

I have, indeed!