Sunday, 22 July 2012

EDM#7 A Jar

The EDM I chose yesterday was: draw a jar from the kitchen. So I chose this one. I love going to continental food stores to buy strange looking bread in plastic bags, little sachets of powder soup, and spices. I used to go there looking for flavours from my youth, Italian biscuits I might have eaten for breakfast back home. I learnt very soon that it didn't work. Those biscuits, that wine, not even the focaccia bought before boarding the plane, would taste the same. The surroundings, the air, the history, morph those tastes into something different, with no memory. I wonder if all the people living in a foreign country feel slightly displaced. If an old Jamaican granny goes to the same food store to buy Tex's Family Chicken Seasoning because she misses the flavours from her youth. I wonder if this jar really is Caribbean or especially produced for continental food stores for all the people like me trying desperately to remember.

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