Sunday, 26 August 2012

5 edms in one big page

There were a few EDM challenges that I had left behind, so I thought of doing them all in one day, on one page, in less than one hour. Here are the stories: EDM#12. I didn't know how to do this because it's a contradiction, how can you draw what you ate for dinner? If you ate it, it's gone! So, I guess people sit in front of their hot, delicious dinner, and instead of eating it, they draw it. I couldn't get myself to do this, so I drew my dinner while it was still in the pot. What is it? My version of carnitas, peas and brown rice. EDM#19. I realised that I don't make that many things, apart from bound books. This is one of my few attempts at making a sculpture, it's a very scary red reptile with yellow dots and big eyes. EDM#27. Ah, this is interesting. This book is Ernest Hemingway's Across the River and into the Trees. Hemingway stayed in Venice for a few months in 1948, and fell in love with the18 year old Adriana Ivancich. The book is based on their relationship. Adriana was a friend of a friend of mine. Just like Hemingway, she also took her own life, much later, in 1983. Totally unrelated. Yet I find it quite an eerie coincidence. The book also mentions the island where I grew up in Venice, I think that's why my grandad bought it - this is the British first edition, 1950. If it was in good condition, with the original dust wrapper, it would be worth quite a bit. EDM#28. I had to draw my new washing machine. I resisted buying one for three years. The old one had all sorts of problems, including a broken leg, jumping about during the spin, and flooding the kitchen every now and then, but I just didn't want to spend money on a washing machine, it seemed such a boring thing to do. Anyway, here it is, a refurbished Zanussi that works properly. I don't need to guard it with a mop in my hand like I did with the old one. EDM#30. Before you marry a musician, you may be under the wrong impression that chairs are to be sat on. The truth is, they are the ideal place to keep CDs, DVDs and a surplus of fluffies (the ones that have been banned from the couch). If you ask the musician in question, he would say that this is a way to hide a very ugly armchair with a chintzy flowery cover. I still think it would be nice to sit on it, occasionally, but, hey, a husband is better than a chair.

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