Thursday, 16 August 2012

EDM # 9 Organised chaos

Organised chaos is something that runs in the family from my mum's side, and it's been lovingly handed down through generations. I felt that the challenge of drawing any of my cluttered surfaces was not enough, so I chose an impossible tool to draw this EDM with: these supertiny pencils that belonged to my great great uncle. It was like trying to draw with my left hand or eat soup with chopsticks. A very humbling experience. If you need help decoding the drawing: it's my kitchen table, with Olympics newspapers (recognise the mobot?), a cd, hubby's phone, plectrums, keys and a few coins, Hello Kitty metal box + the cutlery basket - what? You don't have one? As all of our kitchen drawers ceased to work many years ago, we keep their content in a basket.
After the sad experience of drawing with the slippery micropencils, I looked at their box and found the magic word 'rechange'. Ah, I thought, they are refills for something, you weren't really expected to draw or write with them like that. So I went to one of my favourite sites for vintage pencils (the only one), brandame pencils, to search for clues. Eventually I wrote to the guy, Bob Truby, who revealed the mystery to me: these were refills for some kind of silver holder. I should have guessed that from the beginning! Anyway, has anybody got a spare silver holder I could have for my pencils? It needs to be very very small indeed.

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