Monday, 6 August 2012

EDM#6 Childhood toy

Baubau is as old as I am, we shared every moment of our lives for ten years, then he went to rest in a closet on top of a pile of towels. I found him three years ago and took him to London with me. He now sits on the couch with the rest of the fluffies. He had a tough childhood, he has no hair, has been mended thousands of times and his eyes are broken buttons. He also has a dot of gold paint on the top of his head. To cover some of the scars he wears a robe from one of my old dolls, gone awol long ago. This is not the first time I draw him, you can find a biro portrait of him here. He may be ugly to some, but to me he will always be my beautiful Baubau. To be more accurate, he was renamed so by hubby, his first name was Canovecchio. His real name, before I could name him myself, I never knew. It's funny how you never really know anybody, not even your childhood best friend.

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