Sunday, 8 January 2012

Striving for fridom

I have been a believer in the law of attraction for a long time. It is so far the best explanation I've found for how life works. The difficult part for me is to follow my emotional guiding system. My thoughts change from feeling good to feeling bad to feeling good again in a nanosecond, and sometimes I really need to sit down and ask myself: "What happened there? I was happy a minute ago, and now I'm angry/upset/sad (delete accordingly)." And other times to feel sad actually feels incredibly good. One such amusing occasion happened just before Christmas. I was watching a documentary about Frida Kahlo with my husband, and I was enjoying every minute of it, until I became suddenly very sad, angry and, basically, a venom spitting cobra. It took me a few hours to understand what happened. I had become upset because I developed a sudden desire to BECOME FRIDA KAHLO and move to Mexico, straight away, that night. Maybe Source is already in Mexico, but I'm still here. There are other minor impossibilities in this project, anyway. On the other hand, understanding all this, amused me no end. The mind is a beautiful thing. Or, the mind has a mind of its own.