Monday, 1 October 2012

Sketching in Camden

I haven't written on my blog for almost a month, I just realised. I have been busy writing poetry and finishing my book called Medusa. Once that I had the first copy fresh out of the printers in my hand, I could go back to sketching and other lighter endeavours. So I went out with a meetup group to Camden on a Saturday! If you want a challenge, this is a challenge, It was so busy, and cold too. Anyway, here are my "snapshots" of the day:

People staring at a narrow boat that had to reverse because the lock was closed. Can you spot the same woman twice? 

Buildings by the canal, drawn on my grandad's newsprint paper, hence the vintage look.

Camden Lock Village. This is drawing on location at its best, leaning on a garbage bin, pushed from all angles by hungry customers and tourists who want to sit on the angry lion.

Customers, religiously dressed in black, chatting after eating some exotic meal (one looks slightly sick)