Sunday, 21 February 2016


Contrary to public assumptions, I'm not a hoarder. I don't keep 'just in case' things or 'you never know when you might' things. Everything that doesn't have an immediate or obvious purpose goes straight in the bin, black or green accordingly. So when I decide that it would be nice to do a project with cereal boxes, or plastic bags, or cardboard... well, I don't have any. But junk seems to accumulate so fast, I cannot really keep it 'just in case'. So here is my solution - a small art junk box next to the recycling bin. When it's full, I rummage through it and try to make stuff. What doesn't get used goes into the recycling bin, and the box no doubt will be full again with new junk in a couple of days. Now, the content of this box is rather uninviting (unless you like garden peas). Will I succeed in making interesting things out of it? I'll keep you posted. I am also tired of buying stuff. It seems like everyday I can think of something that I NEED to have. So, I'm taking a break from buying and I'm developing better problem solving skills instead. I use what I have or find what I don't have in creative ways. What's the meaning of it all? None, really. It's just a game, a challenge, a puzzle. When I'm bored of it, I'll stop. But something tells me I won't be bored for a while. It's nice to be back at blogging, too. Sometimes life is gentler.