Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hemingway in Venice

I started reading Across the River and Into the Trees. My grandfather bought it when it first came out, in 1950, it's a green cloth, no dj looking thing that I kept on my bedside table in Venice for a year and another year on the shelf here. The original dj that I don't have, was designed by his young lover Adriana, friend of some of my mum's friends. She also committed suicide, but much later on. I always wanted to read this book and see if I recognise some of the characters and read what Venice was like through Hemingway's eyes. My attempts to go to the Harry's Bar and drink a Bellini have failed up to now due to the tiny size and overcrowding of the place. I also don't like those golden grated windows, I found them scary as a child.

Hemingway's studio in Key West. I keep this picture on the wall
behind the computer. There's a cat sitting on the left chair (take my word for it, this is a very low res pic). It's one of the 60 cats (most of them with 6 toes) that live in his house today.


sage said...

Do you look at Hemingway's study and draw inspiration? The book sounds interesting; Papa made himself known many places around the globe.

franvisions said...

I wanted to take a lot of pictures of writers' studies to put on my walls, but so far it's the only one. Yes, I look at it and draw inspiration.

sage said...

I'd seen you a photo of my study, but I'd first have to clean it up! And instead of a sixth toe cat, I'd have a dog with an eye toe.