Sunday, 3 August 2008


I fell in love with kaleidoscopes when I went to Jerome, Arizona, where there's the most amazing kaleidoscope shop. Today I was playing around with images and decided to turn some into kaleidoscopes, and I thought of doing some "kaleidoscope magic", choosing images of things I would like. Here's my Ferrari:

And here is a beautiful mansion in Encinitas, where I would like to live:

Perhaps my subconscious mind picks up on these suggestions and turns my dreams into reality.

I hope it works for you too!


sage said...

There was a local art shop here that had a homemade table-sized kaleidoscope for sale. It was going for $1900, I think, but the place burned. I don't know if they had sold the kaleidoscope before hand. I wish you could have seen it. There were multiple peepholes and each produced a different effect--it was really neat.

franvisions said...

Sounds great!