Thursday, 18 June 2009

The art of travel and The Art of You

I made a list of things I wanted to do during my travelling, some I'm doing, some I haven't done yet and maybe will end up not doing, like collecting ball point pens from all the places I go to, and then use them all in one very intricate drawing. Among the things that I have done was to attend a workshop at The Art of You in San Diego. It had been on my list for over a year, and it turned out to be as great as I expected, and better. The studio has every possible art supply, found objects, ephemera, magazines to cut from, glues, paper, scissors, whatever your imagination tells you you need, you find it there. The idea is to let your creative mind express itself without all the limitations imposed by our tyrannical rational mind, things like judging the importance, usefulness, beauty - or lack of - of whatever we do. And when you give your creative mind some space and say, "I won't judge and I won't be judged", the journey really becomes the destination.


Unknown said...

Hi Francesca,

So glad you went to Chris' studio! I have had so many rich hours of moving and painting there and am glad you had the opportunity to be nourished there, too! It was such fun to meet and be with you in London. Ahna was sorry to miss you when she was in San Diego. Wm was recovering from surgery and I was out of town, so she was busy with work and tending to her dad. Best to you, Kathi

franvisions said...

Sorry to hear Wm
wasn't well. Hope he recovers soon.