Monday, 3 September 2012

EDM#43 Draw something china

When I go to the gym, which at the moment is almost every day, I like to get a pot of Earl Grey tea afterwards in the gym's juice bar. I have library books on my smartphone and an app with ambient music. I am very happy reading books on my phone and feel no need to buy an ebook reader. It's about the only gadget I don't feel attracted to. My council library is now online, so I get to read a lot of cool books. At the moment I'm reading The Nautical Chart by Arturo PĂ©rez-Reverte. I listen to my ambient seagulls and ocean, and read about the sea while drinking my tea. The tea set of the juice bar is white china, so, instead of reading, yesterday I pulled out my little square book and did a drawing of the teapot and milk jug with a ballpoint pen. I should have drawn the cup as well. The bottom of the cup is square and sits on a saucer with a square hollow, so to put the cup back on the saucer after every sip requires a certain amount of skills in order to match the corners. I wonder what designers are thinking, sometimes, when they come up with these ideas.

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