Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reflections upon 2016

I'm at a bloggers meetup, there are about ten people around a white table with colourful jellybeans that I seem to be the only one eating. We are all writing about last year and next year. So, here goes. In January I found it more difficult to walk. In February I went to Malta on a cricket trip with the Eccentrics cricket team. Malta was amazing, like something I've never seen and yet remember. It was medieval and full of imaginary Knights roaming the dusty streets. Hubby injured his ankle at the cricket match and I almost laughed thinking that now I had to help him walk. In April I got a brand new hip, hubby cooked and I spent the days weaving,
making jewellery and relearning to walk. I then walked in Italy and in the California desert. 2016 was good. 2017 will be my blogging year, where I won't let validation sickness get in the way of my creativity. I'll keep on growing like a tree, twisted and torn, but with many new branches, a few dead leaves and lots of new green ones. I will be like my cherry tree in the winter. Proud of change.

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Bernie said...

Thnaks for coming to blog club Francesca!
Also for writing this, well done! See you next time. Let me know if there is anything blog stuff we can help you keep writing.