Sunday, 19 August 2012

3 EDMS in Kent

I went to my caravan (a mobile home that doesn't go anywhere) near Dover on Friday. It was so hot, like a proper summer. Beautiful. I went for a walk on the beach and stopped to do EDM # 36, Draw in public. Well, I wasn't really, as I was virtually the only person near the boats. Lots of people around, though, a few hundreds yards away, even some swimming. Later in the evening I cooked myself a nice meal that I ate outside in the grass and then tackled EDM # 17 Draw a musical instrument.

I got the caravan 10 years ago and I immediately decided it was the perfect place for my old guitar to retire. I bought it when I had first arrived in London almost 25 years ago. It's been through a lot of hardship and it's now kept together with black gaffer tape. It still sounds great though.

Saturday morning, I went back to the beach and chose to do EDM #29, Draw something architectural. I love the seafront houses in Deal, especially this blue one. A lot of these houses have flags, I've no idea why, perhaps to welcome ships and boats? An elderly man stopped to chat with me. He was an oil painter, said he envied me for being so quick, as he takes forever. He lives by the beach and can paint the cliffs looking out of his window.
I also did a lot of reading and sleeping and listening to music, possibly all at the same time. Solitude, sometimes, can be wonderful.

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