Thursday, 23 August 2012

Unfinished sketches

A little break from doing the EDM challenges. What better time to draw than when you are hanging around on a film set. And now that I found a decent stylus for my ipod, I don't even need to bother with bringing too many sketchbooks and art supplies. Problem is, as soon as you have reached a good point, you are called on set or to lunch or, as in this case, somebody takes your seat on the double decker bus. This is a building on the corner of Abbey Road. Unfinished. I have lots of unfinished sketches, from when I travel with hubby and other outings. But perhaps it's better to start and not finish than not to start in fear that you cannot finish. Something like that. It can apply to everything in life.
There are still tons of tourists crossing the wrong zebra crossing, signing their names on the walls and taking pictures of the studio and, as my 'part' was to be a tourist, I pretended to take a few pics myself. Except that I took them for real, you know, to get into character.

Apparently they repaint every month. What a strange place to work in.

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