Monday, 20 August 2012

EDMs#33 and 34 Draw an eye - Draw a fall leaf

This is my eye, or to be more exact, this is the mirror image of my right eye. My eyes fascinate me, they are BIG, a little droopy, with very droopy eyelashes, I can even see them when I am reading. But the most bizarre thing are all those meandering red capillaries. I have no idea how I got them. Were they always there? Did I cry too much at some point in the past? Or was it travelling through the desert without sunglasses that did it? Ophthalmologists are not concerned, and friends don't notice them. In fact, I am the only one who seems to see them. Anyway, they really are there, doing their thing, whatever that is. This drawing was done with two 4 colour ball point pens. The next one, the fall leaf, was done using the ink from 'empty' ink cartridges. I love experimenting with different tools, this way every sketch feels unique and a little adventure into a big world of possibilities.

It's summer, of course, so no real autumn leaves around, but this one, that I found near the gym, looks close enough. Perhaps it was brought down by that half hour storm yesterday and then dried out in the afternoon sun. Anyway, an August fall leaf, now become immortal, so to speak.

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